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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Corporate Direction

Corporate Direction


To continue Christ’s Healing Ministry in bringing healing to the greatest number of people in the provision of total quality patient care through healers with good ethical and moral standards; who are conscientious as well as professionally competent, motivated and united in their common respect for fundamental human values.


To provide high quality healthcare in the most effective / efficient and innovative manner, specific to the needs of the communities we serve and at all times acknowledge the dignity of the patient.  These services will be carried out in a manner complementary to yet integral to the National Health Sector activities of Ghana.



To provide and sustain good quality health care for the poor, neglected and marginalized in society.  The hospital will seek to empower the people it serves to take ownership of their own individual and collective health needs.



All the activities of the hospital are built on the following values;

o   Ethical Care

o   Client-centeredness

o   Staff empowerment

o   Continuous quality improvement      

o   Recognition of hard work and innovativeness

o   Discipline

o   Team work

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