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Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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The Physiotherapy department was introduced in the late 1990s, at the hospital by a german surgeon called Dr. H.H.J Wegdam. The facility has made significant improvemet in patients care and recovery in both medical and surgical conditions.


The Following conditions are managed at the unit.


·         CVA / Stroke

·         Facial Palsy

·         Spinal Injuries Rehabilitation

·         Erb' s Palsy

·         Non CVA Paralysis Rehabilitation

·         Cerebral Palsy



  •          ·         Fractures
  •          ·         Congenital abnormalities (Clubfoot)
  •          ·         Arthritis
  •          ·         Back Pains
  •          ·         Ambulatory dysfunction
  •          ·         Amputation Rehabilitation
  •          ·         Post General Surgery Rehabilitation
  •          ·         Burns Management


Other Services

  •          ·         Cardiothoracic Condition Rehabilitation
  •          ·         Respiratory and other Chest Conditions Rehabilitation
  •          ·         Orthotics service (supportive Devices)





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